Navigate Trustworthy Digital Provenance with Ease

Our digital provenance product, Chronicle, is delivered by Sextant.

Sextant is our Kubernetes-native blockchain management and operations platform that facilitates the deployment and management of our domain-agnostic, digital provenance solution, Chronicle, as well as its integration with enterprise systems.


Sextant - Chronicle-1

Sextant fast-tracks time to value by allowing organizations to focus on the provenance domain, while navigating the deployment and management of the underlying technology infrastructure with ease.

Sextant - Provenance (1)

Sextant supports multiple distributed ledgers, and provides long-term customer support and flexible deployment options, including on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. 

Sextant - Distributed Ledgers 2

Sextant overlays support for smart contract runtime environments to make sure that organizations focus on business logic rather than the underlying infrastructure.

Sextant - Smart contracts-1

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